End-to-End IT Solutions for Small
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An effort towards building effective Information
Technology based solutions.

About our company

Though our project nick name directly resembles to many mathematical variables, we formed our team to achieve following goals:

Better Computing

We aim to build and implement projects which can improve stability and performance of commercial and retail computing usage. We realize the potential need of stable and secured End User Computing (EUC) platform in present and future market.

Technology Based Consumer Experience

In today's digital world End User experience defines it all. At n-Bits we always think and try to minimize complexity of an IT based solution to achieve a better User Experience.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

We have invested resources to reach our goals through various automations. Obtaining artificial intelligence through big data analysis, while respecting and honoring privacy policies.

Why choose us

Quality Hardware

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Practical User Experiance

High Level of Usability

Our Projects


Windows and Linux
Application Virtualization

Simplifying the usage and accessibility of various applications. Reducing license and infrastructure cost, yet keeping a secured environment.

Web Platform

Developing and integrating meaningful web platforms to satisfy over all end user and business experience.
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End User

Innovative approach to use automation and AI to minimize incidents and gain more stability.

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Yep. Despite being sort of hyperbolic, this scene definitely contains a kernel of truth. Social media have got hold of our minds for last recent years so bad that we literally have forgotten.

Information Technology – Applied

Sharing of information is something technology has grasped as a means to increase efficacy of any task. Today we are more dependent on technology than ever and shared information.

Why Information Technology?

Abacus, the basic computing device, came into existence in 500 B.C but an actual first functional and programmable modern computer, Z1 was created in 1936 by Konrad Zuse. 


An effort towards building effective Information Technology based solutions.
Un effort pour créer des solutions efficaces basées sur les technologies de l'information.
Создание эффективных решений на базе Информационных Технологий.


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